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Ways to Help Your Child with Their Early Learning Outcomes

One of the greatest adventures your child will go on is their education. While they will certainly benefit from the early learning experiences they have with their child care provider, a lot of work also needs to take place at home. When you understand more about the ways you can help them with their early learning outcomes, their development will progress significantly.

Obtain a background understanding of developmental phases

Gaining a brief understanding of different developmental phases is especially important if you only have one child. However, even if you're a parent to two or more children, it's always worth adding to the knowledge you gain through experience. Knowing which targets they should hit will alert you to areas where they are struggling. As a result, you'll find it easier to work with your child care provider to address any potential issues.

Use play to develop their creativity and scientific knowledge

During the earlier stages of your child's academic development, they'll use play as a means of enhancing their creativity and scientific knowledge. While tools such as playdough are excellent for developing confidence in the arts, everyday items make it easier to understand subjects such as physics. During their preschool years, the way your child understands scientific concepts will involve taking an informal approach. Introduce them to concepts such as mass and size by providing them with different substances, such as sand, water and slime, and asking them to pour them into containers of varying sizes. There's no need to provide any instructions; just let their inquisitive brain lay the right foundation.

Confidence-building skills come through drama

Again, your child doesn't need to take a formal script-like approach to drama to see the benefits of it. Kids execute the theatrical arts every day in their own rudimentary form when they engage in make-believe scenarios. When they do, they learn some of life's most vital skills. For example, they'll gain confidence in the way they express themselves, they'll learn how to negotiate with others and they'll face make-believe challenges that they can unpick. While playing with your child is highly effective, they'll gain even more benefits when they engage in pretend play with kids of their own age. 

From exploring the world around them to engaging in pretend scenarios, there are lots of ways your child can build on their early years' education. Ask your child care provider to give you information on what your child is doing under their care. Together, you'll have a positive influence on their development.