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Literacy Programs: The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child

Learning how to read is a vital skill. If you have children, you should consider enrolling them in a literacy course. Literacy lessons can help your child to succeed in school and can boost their confidence when it comes to understanding language and communicating. Below is a guide to some of the benefits of literacy programs.

Literacy programs focus on core skills

A literacy program will typically focus on the core skills your child needs to advance at school. These core skills include:

Phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability to correctly identify the individual sounds which make up a word.


Phonics refers to the ability of a child to link sounds to particular combinations of letters.


Vocabulary refers to the number of words which your child knows. The larger your child's vocabulary, the better they will be able to express meaning when talking with others. They will also be able to read and understand more complex texts.


Fluency is your child's ability to read aloud in a fluid but accurate way with minimal stops, starts or stumbles.

Literacy programs are fun

Most importantly, literacy programs making reading fun. If your child does not enjoy reading, they will probably never master the skill. The tutors who deliver literacy programs will incorporate fun games and colourful characters into the classes to make them appealing to young children.

Literacy programs are 1-on-1

When your child is at school, they are typically taught in groups. Unfortunately, learning how to read isn't an activity which is suited to groups as the tutor will not have enough time to monitor and engage with each child. The benefit of a literary program is that it will provide your child with one-on-one reading sessions with a qualified tutor who will be able to guide and educate them as they read aloud.

The one-on-one session will also allow the tutor to carefully monitor and track your child's progress. The tutor will be able to let you know when your child has reached certain milestones. If your child is struggling with any particular part of the program, this can be fed back to their school so the teachers there can also focus on that particular skill.

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